Thread Vein Treatment

Thread veins usually only measure approx a few millimetres. They are blood vessels that have widened (dilated) near to the skins surface making them visible, usually appearing blue or purple in colour. They can be known as telangiectasia, spider veins, broken veins, surface veins but should not be confused with varicose veins. Although they can ache, especially those on legs, they are not regarded as serious.

Thread veins can be a cause of distress as the sufferer will often be self-conscious if the veins are particularly noticeable

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Thread Veins

Thread Veins | Coastal Skinthetics

Our Thread Vein Prices

  • Facial thread veins
    from £120
  • Leg thread veins
    from £250

The prices include a FREE initial consultation, the treatment and a follow up appointment after two weeks.

* Note that there is an additional charge of £35 for gentlemen as the muscles are stronger and require additional product.

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Meet Your Practitioner

Meet the practisioner | Coastal Skinthetics

Tracy Cullen RGN, Nurse Prescriber

My passion and commitment towards excellence is my philosophy. During the last 15 years I have established and grown a number of aesthetic and cosmetic services for and on behalf of several businesses.

Renowned and sought after for my high standards of clinical excellence, including teaching and mentoring others within the industry, I am delighted to offer you exclusivity to these standards through my own clinic, Coastal Skinthetics. 

I look forward to welcoming you at any one of the clinic locations in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.


Thread Vein FAQ’s

At Coastal Skinthetics we use FAB-V to remove thread veins.  It utilises thermo coagulation principle based on the high frequency electromagnetic oscillations, heating the vein without damage to the skins outer layers. The vein is destroyed and over a period of time is re absorbed by he body.

The device uses a very fine sterile needle (similar to the acupuncture needle), which is directed into the vein to allow accurate application of the treatment whilst protecting the surrounding skin and tissue.

The procedure is relatively painless.  Some patients will describe it as a tiny pluck of a hair.

Facial thread veins: nose, cheeks, and chin and linked to rosacea.

Legs: Upper thigh, around the knee joint, around the ankles.

Patient may resume everyday activity immediately after their 15 minute treatment session. Although not essential, it may be a consideration to use support hosiery.

The treatment is permanent. Occasionally other thread veins will develop int he area if you are susceptible to them or if lifestyle is a cause (ie: outdoors, spices foods etc).

Treatment sessions depend on the number and extent of thread veins requiring treatment.

Before any treatment your medical history is taken to make sure the treatment is suitable. The process will be explained in detail as well as potential side effects. Photographs may also be taken as a “before and after” comparison to show you how successful your treatment has been.

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