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Pout without the Trout

Over the past decade, there has been dramatic increase in non-surgical aesthetic treatments, with focus on achieving ideals whilst maintaining a youthful appearance.

The creation of youth and beauty with the trend for full lips is becoming increasingly desirable whilst the media show models having fuller and gently pouting lips.

As we age, so do the lips. The lips begin to thin out, tiny vertical lines appear and the grace of the cupid’s bow begins to flatten. Those born with thinner lips may simply wish a more defined cupid’s bow with greater volume to the lip to balance other facial features.

There are two major types of injectable fillers for lip augmentation, those that are permanent and synthetic such as silicone, and those that are temporary and made of a protein or sugar that the body can reabsorb.  At Coastal Skinthetics we use Hyaluronic acid fillers (HA), they tend to last between 6 and 9 months depending on the amount and type of HA used.

How these injectable fillers are used is as important as the type of material chosen. The traditional way of injecting usually involves the filler being placed into the lip border which can result the lip look unnatural and overfilled and can turn the lip inward creating a bulging upper lip.  It is a problem that can dissuade patients to pursue the treatment.  Delivering a more natural-result, I use a combined technique, I have adopted over the years, using Hyaluronic acid to provide a natural looking pout, without the “trout!”

Where possible I accentuate the curve of the Cupid’s bow and the outer most part of the lip to create a rolling, lifting effect (this portrays the pouty sexy lip) defining youth and a the classic french look.  This technique also addresses lipstick lines whilst lifting the mouth corners; enhancing the elegance of youth.

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